Extreme off-road Unimog


At all times the correct output for a wide variety of implements and add-on equipment.

Even in the deepest wilderness, hydraulic, mechanical and electric drives deliver the right output for a wide variety of implements and add-on equipment. The well thought-out drive concept predestines the vehicle for a wide variety of tasks and applications. Several attachment and body mounting spaces with standardised connection points make it very easy to attach bodies and swap implements.

Content versatility 03
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Attachment and body mounting possibilities.

1. Standardised front mounting plate for implements up to 1.5 t, e.g. snow ploughs
2. Implement fittings at the front, for e.g. compressors or emergency power generators
3. Winch support
4. Frame implement fittings
5. Mounting elements for platform or box bodies
6. Floor assembly for special bodies prepared

The Unimog is more than just a vehicle. The combination with fixed or interchangeable implements and bodies creates a system that offers exceptional variety, flexibility and productivity. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has been cooperating with international equipment and body manufacturers for decades and combines in the Unimog the experience and competence of specialists as well as the expertise of competent Unimog partners. This allows tailor-made solutions to be found for even the most unusual requirements.

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